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High fantasy mysteries perfect for fans of J.R.R Tolkien and Arthur Conan Doyle. Share in the lore, people & magic of Heavenfall. 🧝‍♀️🎲

Desert in Dark

Crimson Smoke and the Emerald Flame Short Stories

For years, the outcast Emerald Flame has traveled the world, solving mysteries that only a magic-wielder could unravel. But when his imaginary friend gains a mind of their own, both are forced to grapple with their identities as well as the enchanted forces working against them.


Following the events of Tale of the Hidden Village. Spoilers ahead.

Tincrown has spent the last decade living in a remote village with only his predecessor’s romance novels for company. He once traded a promising career for a lack of privacy and a clean conscience, and he’s never looked back.

When the Emerald Flame arrives in the sleepy town, however, the doctor finds himself drawn to the quiet investigator. Where others see a social outcast, Tincrown discovers a kindred spirit with a shared affinity for literature, botany, and tea. He has spent a lifetime healing wounds, and he’s convinced that the balm for a restless mind is a patient heart. He only has until the autumn equinox to convince Emerald that his affection is real.


Following the events of Tale of the Swamp Song. Spoilers ahead.

Everyone who crosses paths with Ronnie of Dougan, even his best friend Gemma, sees a tall, broad-shouldered boy on the cusp of manhood. His life is laid out before him. His family’s expectations couldn’t be clearer.

But the person Ronnie sees in the mirror feels like a stranger. When a fateful encounter at his coming-of-age ceremony leaves Ronnie at a crossroads, he turns to a forgotten goddess for guidance.

Content note for Upland Daughter manuscript:

This story contains instances of misgendering, deadnaming, and transphobia. The characters depicted in this tale do not have terms for their experiences in this place and time. I have made this choice to acknowledge the fact that even when gender nonconformity and queerness haven’t been adequately represented in the lexicon, we have always been here.


Harmony Cover.jpg

Related to the events of Tale of the Steadfast Brotherhood. This novella contains spoilers and should be read between Steadfast Brotherhood and Study in Crimson.

Howea has never really belonged anywhere except in the company of his cousin Koi. They’ve spent their whole lives in a remote settlement in the wilds of the Emerald Ward, but Koi craves something more—so when an opportunity arises for Koi to apprentice with the newly-formed Conjury, Howea agrees to leave everything he knows behind.

But Koi isn’t the only one with untrained magic, and the Conjury outpost isn’t the safe haven it claimed to be. In order to fit into the new world order, Howea will be forced to either lose his dearest friend… or himself.


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