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The Dragon's Fear

The crew of the Dragon's Fear is about to find out which is more perilous... the monster they are trapped on a deserted island with or their fellow crew members.

Desert in Dark

The Dragon's Fear

The crew of the Dragon’s Fear, a Conjury controlled prison vessel, run aground on a deserted island without their precious magic to help them. One by one, they become hunted by something worse than the prisoners they had once contained.

A dark fantasy of version of Lost meets Predator...

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The prison ship Dragon's Fear is about to get a stowaway more dangerous than the magical prisoners it usually transports…


The prisoner transport ship the Dragon’s Fear has sailed the seas long enough to have encountered nearly every type of danger. Massive storms, prisoner riots, vicious sea creatures, and hundreds of other struggles have all befallen the Conjury sailing vessel in its years of service. Yet Captain Brightfang’s strong hand has always kept the unruly and fractious crew in line as they transport their mystically-empowered prisoners to the magic-suppressing penal colony of Tide Island.

But when Kelby of Gap Mouth Bay, one of the ship’s crew, makes a clandestine deal that brings what seems to be a treacherous sickness on board, the careful balance of the Dragon’s Fear is quickly threatened. The tenuous bonds of the crew fray even further when a raging storm races toward them across the open ocean, and a mysterious box is discovered in the hold—possibly holding worse danger than a simple illness.

The crew of the Dragon’s Fear will quickly discover which is more perilous: being trapped with a monster, or with each other…


Part two of the dark fantasy, The Dragon’s Fear…

After the confirmation of a monster trapped on the island with them, the recently shipwrecked crew of the Dragon’s Fear needs a plan for survival—and fast. But with Captain Brightfang staunchly on the side of waiting for rescue and Navigator Orsull a strong proponent for finding a way home as quickly as possible, the group rapidly fractures into opposing camps.

The tundra elf Panabelle forms a plan to save her own skin by uniting the Conjury prisoners against the ship’s officers, but will she be able to manage it before the others see through her machinations? Tupper and Deysha grow closer, but revenge glints in the eye of more than one Tide Island guard, threatening their bond—and their lives. And Kelby’s secret—that she is responsible for the entire disaster—is soon at risk of coming to light unless she can find a way to keep Orsull’s blackmailing mouth shut.

Terror, panic, and mutiny abound as the fragmented survivors find themselves being targeted not only by a hungry monster with an insatiable appetite, but also by each other. Betrayal is starting to become a better option than being torn to shreds or left bleeding out on the pristine white sand of their desolate island…


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Part three of the dark fantasy, The Dragon’s Fear…

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Part four of the dark fantasy, The Dragon’s Fear…

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